3 smart things about online dating

And that’s why I believe you shouldn’t trust your gut in the following 3 dating scenarios: The modern dating world changes faster than you can download a new dating app, so you shouldn’t rely solely on your instinct because you just don’t have enough experience navigating the dating world.

For example, Karen was divorced for 10 years and had 3 dates during that time.

Posting a profile as a man for a month, she examined how the "popular" women on JDate described themselves.

She discovered that the most active women's profiles used language that shared their aspirations such as "I want to travel" or "A big ambition of mine is …

You won't look like you are trying too hard—you'll just look your best! If you have some activities you know men like too, note those first to catch a man's attention. Even if your career is your life, it is your most attractive quality.

So, here are a few more savvy tips that her data analysis experiment did not reveal:5. Don't use a laundry list to describe your personality or say what your friends think of you.

Instead create sentences that give a true feeling of who you are.

I am not suggesting that you dumb down your accomplishments or not be yourself, but this is only for the profile.

You just don't want to seem like all work and no play.4. Responding to a man’s email within 24 hours works best.

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