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See the section called “ program, which is new to the 1.4 release of Subversion, provides all the functionality required for maintaining a read-only mirror of a Subversion repository.

The program really has one job—to transfer one repository's versioned history into another repository.

For more information on the Berkeley DB tool chain, visit the documentation section of the Berkeley DB section of Oracle's website, located at However, because of the potential to lose information forever, Subversion repositories are not, by default, configured to allow changes to unversioned properties—except by an administrator.

If a log message needs to be changed by an administrator, this can be done using Remember, though, that by bypassing the hooks, you are likely avoiding such things as email notifications of property changes, backup systems which track unversioned property changes, and so on.

Berkeley DB will, however, keep internal records of unused areas of the database file, and consume those areas first before growing the size of the database file.

So while deltification doesn't produce immediate space savings, it can drastically slow future growth of the database.

Maintaining a Subversion repository can be daunting, mostly due to the complexities inherent in systems which have a database backend.

Besides providing the ability to create Subversion repositories, this program allows you to perform several maintenance operations on those repositories.

Though they are uncommon, there are circumstances in which a Subversion commit process might fail, leaving behind in the repository the remnants of the revision-to-be that wasn't—an uncommitted transaction and all the file and directory changes associated with it.

This could happen for several reasons: perhaps the client operation was inelegantly terminated by the user, or a network failure occurred in the middle of an operation.

They can also be useful if the experienced Berkeley DB hacker needs to do in-place tweaking of the data in a BDB-backed repository for some reason, which is something Subversion's utilities won't allow.

Also, the utility can provide useful information about the status of your Berkeley DB environment, including detailed statistics about the locking and storage subsystems.

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