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More important, though, is the fact that the 45 per cent Belizean browns who cannot pass for white in the United States, will not be able to pass for white in Guatemala.In Guatemala, they dont even like Indians, much less Africans.These histories were white supremacist in concept, and contributed substantially to the obsession of British Hondurans with trying to be as white as they could possibly be. One of the major political parties, a party which has ruled Belize for two five-year terms in the last 20 years, finds itself unable to support the tiniest of attempts to reverse the brainwashing. It is so because the people of this country were mis-educated over a period of almost 200 years. We have had to fight for every success we have achieved, so Belize is not the only one with this secret. The whole world knows that black people has been last on the list. Here in the USA the last to get a good job is a black man. You will definetly enjoy our Belize free dating services.Just add your profile, browse other Belize members seeking like you for Belize online dating, love and online romance at Free Ok Date WARNING!!!If a life and death crisis did not suddenly develop for him in Belize, and this newspaper has no evidence to suggest any such crisis did develop, then the Belizean Cabinet Minister returned to Belize because he did not believe the crisis in Haiti was that important, and/or he believed that it was not relevant to Belize. If this was how he was thinking, his thinking was not that much different from the thinking of most Belizeans.

Thus, Belize became Belice, and when you dared to point this out, you were described as racist.

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So you understand why such a Minister is such a successful politician: his thinking is the same as the thinking of most Belizeans. Yet, this Belizean newspaper, whose views do not represent the thinking of most Belizeans, is the leading newspaper in the nation of Belize. Well, words are only noise, and they do not affect policy.

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