Camping scavenger hunt for adults

Find various items with names that begin with each letter of the alphabet. Make a list of items that would most likely be found in the area you are camping and/or hiking in. You’ll need to select items that are age appropriate and also available in your location.

Whether you gather a group of friends together for a weekend of “roughing it” or are attending a family reunion in a manicured campground, a scavenger hunt is an adventurous way for adults to get to know each other or pass the time while on vacation.

Of course, safety and supervision are of utmost importance as well.

Split up the adults in the party, and assign each one to a small group of kids.

Scavenger Hunt 1 (items in a deciduous forest): An oak leaf, an acorn, a dandelion, a pinecone, raccoon tracks, deer tracks, a piece of pine bark, a “helicopter” maple seed, and one human trash item that can be brought back for recycling.

For camping families, scavenger hunts provide a wealth of opportunities for active fun.

Coming up with ideas about what exactly to search for in an impromptu scavenger hunt isn’t too difficult; all you really need to do is look around you.

Below are a couple of ideas to get a great scavenger hunt started.

Color Scavenger Hunt from Coffee Cups and Crayons Math Scavenger Hunt from Family Math Night Nonfiction Features Scavenger Hunt from Buzzing with Ms.

This hands-on activity doesn't require any preparation beyond printing out the scavenger hunt list. The objects on the list are those that can be typically found at any campground and/or campsite.

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