Dating pangalan ng brunei

Contrary to public belief, the Philippines has a good number of laws that protects the homebuyer against unscrupulous people like unlicensed agents or outright scammers.On the other hand, we see the growing trend of Filipinos being proactive in understanding real estate to ensure that the acquisition process goes smoothly.You can also pass your right as a unit owner to your heirs.Should Senator Sonny Angara’s pet law be passed into law, first-time homebuyers would only need to know three words to fully appreciate the legislation: interest-free loan. In other words, are you not connected with a single company that considers you on its monthly payroll?

If you are unable to fulfill your financial obligation within the given grace period, your developer may cancel the sales contract after 30 days from the time you receive the notice or demand of cancellation of the contract. This way, the life insurance covers the buyer’s mortgage in terms of the insured’s death.

According to this article, the law answers a homebuyer’s misconception about investing in a condominium unit or units should the building once the building reaches past its 50th year. Once your condominium building reaches past its 50th year, you, along with the rest of the unit owners, will have the right to decide on what to do with the entire building.

This means that if majority of the unit owners of the condominium building decide to sell the property, you will get the appropriate share of the proceeds.

They start asking legal questions directly to their real estate agents or conduct their own research on the Web.

We compiled ten common legal questions homebuyers ask when purchasing a property: The law dictates that only Filipino citizens are allowed to buy a home or a condo.

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