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by year, by guest, by country in a more compact format, by country and state/province/location, etc.) Apparently the first Space: 1999 convention in the world.

Convention report by Mona Delitsky (apparently the con initiator and one of its organizers), in Cosmoconnection Magazine #4 (Fall/Winter 1978), from which the following are indicated: Tony Anholt expressed interest in coming, but had to back out a few weeks before; about 800 people at the convention; Ed Bishop (from UFO) was scheduled, but had to decline shortly before; had dealer's room, charity auction for Children's Hospital; Martin was "intrigued" by con but could not answer until about a week before, and became something of a surprise guest.

Sie brauchen die Unterlagen dann nur noch zum nchsten Briefkasten zu bringen oder Sie geben sie persnlich bei Ihrer zustndigen Dienststelle ab.

Einen Teil der PDF-Formulare und smtliche Online-Formulare knnen Sie direkt vom PC aus versenden.

I am not actually producing any of the cons listed, and all information is provided or posted by other people and is subject to change.

Gleich welches Anliegen Sie auch haben, Sie knnen sich die Vordrucke hier herunter laden und in Ruhe zu Hause ausfllen.As the resulting metaform visor relies on diffraction, it can preserve a large field of view (77.3° both horizontally and vertically) when placed only 2.5 cm away from the eye.We simulate the metasurface visor to estimate the modulation transfer function, and find that the projected image quality is sufficiently high for human vision.In this paper, we propose a flat, freeform near-eye visor that uses a subwavelength patterned metasurface reflector.The visor design imparts a spatial phase profile on a projected display pattern and can be implemented using a micron-scale-thick metasurface.

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