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It almost feels as if Miller took virtually every political idea he ever had and put them into one play.

Mention of Altman, however, elicits a slightly anxious laugh.During the trip, John rummaged in his pocket, went down on one knee and produced a simple, square diamond ring.(She accepted.)Things aren't stagnant on the work front either."I'm nervous," she admits, dark eyes gleaming, "but excited." Those mixed emotions stem from the fact that the project, Resurrection Blues, is a play. London has lately become littered with Hollywood stars, starlets and dim bulbs beefing up their career chops by appearing in safe vehicles that stretch their screen personas not a jot.But instead of cruising through a theatrical Hollywood retread such as the misbegotten When Harry Met Sally, she has chosen the penultimate play by Arthur Miller."It's a political satire," she announces crisply, "about an undefined South American country and the crucifixion of a man whom people believe could possibly be holy.

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