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grew up surfing and beach bumming in Hawaii before becoming a model for the likes of Sports Illustrated, Guess and Billabong!Now living in LA, she is mama to Ryan, an adorable three year old little girl with a boy on the way!Truly, it’s the best to teach them at this age, because there is no fear and their balance is so strong. We planned to move back for years and definitely I would have thought we’d be back there by now.But the reality is, we don’t know what we would do in Hawaii.

The time I shot a lingerie campaign outdoors in Iceland – think no clothes and freezing temperatures, all the while managing to look “not cold” on camera – basically next to impossible(! And then time was the time we shot Sports Illustrated at Graceland – yes Elvis’ house.I realized with the first that it’s such a short period of time you wear these pieces, ultimately it doesn’t really matter – so I think it’s import to keep that in perspective. Citizens of humanity makes amazing maternity jeans – I’ve been living in them.My vintage rock tees – because they are oversized and still cute. 😉 Since I’m pregnant, I can’t use anything with chemicals so my alternative for washing my face is a solution made from witch hazel tea tree oil distilled water. And this one is not new, but drinking lots water definitely works to encourage the glow.We added the apparel piece as coverups because they kind of go hand in hand with swim – it rounds out the brand and it’s what our customer wants. We also launched kids, which I LOVE and has been super fun.I grew up surfing and my husband is a pro surfer – we’re a big beach/ocean family.

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