Rihanna and drake dating pictures

Rihanna's hug could easily be matey rather than romantic, but Drake gives it extra oomph by turning the pose and pressing his face into her neck.

It is this add-on that makes the crowd go wild but Rihanna isn't smiling when she emerges, suggesting she might have wanted more time in terms of going public with their relationship. He poses with the family as though he's a very strong part of that group but Rihanna stands slightly away and her expression is less open.

Christopher “Young Chris” Reis posted this NSFW photo (below) of a nekkid Rihanna riding him while the two are on a boat with other people.

The former Roc-A-Fella rapper shared the pic for #Throwback Thursday, and it’s gotta be a throw-WAY-back because if this is Ri Ri, she’s got no tattoos!

And, as temperatures remain low, this is an achievable and cosy outfit, perfect for a cool spring day.Rihanna and Drake are remaining mum about their official relationship status, but are actions speaking louder than words?After Drake’s public declaration of love for the singer at the MTV Video Music Awards Sunday night and hitting the event’s after party together, the rumored couple stepped out together again on Monday night.An insider said: "They walked in together and never left each other's side all night. Celebrity body language specialist, Judi James, weighs in on the debate. Body High: Rihanna & Drake – 3rd time around At the VMAs, Drake's handover is romantic and flattering, causing Rihanna's elegant pose to fall to pieces.Getting coy she stands behind him disintegrating like a shy teen, rubbing her neck, fiddling, giggling and hopping from foot to foot as though keen to get the speech over.

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