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Unbalanced, unsound movement (Ive Spotted Danes) Back 1.

Nearest to the written standard, sound in body and mind 5.

Poor heads, weak toplines, cow hocks, shy, light bone, poor movement.

Great Dane – fawn and brindle Favorite: Ch Halemoss Rojon Dounreay 2. Upright shoulders, long backs, temperament, short stilted movement Back 1.

Great Danes (fawn, brindle) Favorites: Ch Mountdania’s Ms Avant-Garde, Ch Calico Rock’s Carly v Win-Jamer, Ch Calico Rock’s Hali v Win-Jamer Other breeds: Newfoundlands 2.

Size, Sound Temperament, Square Structure, Dignity and Stalwart.

Straight fronts, lack of forechest, short necks Back 1. Strength and power moving around the ring, the proper rectangular head with a stop and not too heavy flews, a well arched neck that blends into smooth shoulders, deep chested, and a hard level back. Council Parker, Carolyn Thomas, Marie Sommershoe 4.

Other breeds: Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, Chihuahuas, Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen, Standard Poodles, Pekingese 2. Bill Aston, Jeffrey Lynn Brucker, Ray Cataldi, Mary Anne Zanetos, Eddie Lyons, Augusta Buse 4.

Great Dane – harlequin Favorite: Ch Giant Steps Front Page News.

A square build with balanced quarters and a sound running gear.

Gender (males and bitches) should be evident Back 1.

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