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A paralysed mother-of-four desperate to 'be a mum again' had her wish granted thanks to the DIY SOS team.

And both, in their individual ways, might save a life.

The panic button mode – referred to officially as Emergency SOS, but also known as "cop mode" – is a special feature of the phone intended to send it into lock down.

Hoping to improve Amanda's living situation, the team from the BBC makeover series, hosted by Nick Knowles, generously transformed the family's cramped terraced house into a spacious five-bedroom home fit for the mother to live an independent life once again.

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Ever since she has been determined to look after her family, but their unsuitable home has meant she's has had to rely on her children and husband, Vic, to care for her.The para-athlete was overcome with emotion when shown round her new home in the programme which left viewers watching at home.Amanda said: 'Most importantly all I wanted to be when I had my accident was a mum again, and although the doctors mended me physically and mended my broken heart.Apple's i OS 11 is out, and it's packed with new and exciting features. Among the more fun updates – including an entirely new way of using the i Pad, augmented reality features and an updated App Store – are two very important ones, that could be neglected in the rush for new phones.Those are a "panic button" and a feature known as "do not disturb while driving".

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