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The subsequent use of an emergency spillway created erosion concerns that prompted an evacuation of communities downstream.

Current recovery efforts include work on both the main flood control spillway and the emergency spillway, with the objective to get the main spillway operational by November 1 to accommodate flows from winter storms.

Metropolitan invests significant resources in both systems – expanding, repairing and upgrading facilities to ensure the region's water supplies are reliable.

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After a population boom following World War II, the CRA was expanded to its full design capacity of 1 billion gallons of water a day to meet growing demands.Work continues on the main and emergency spillways including demolition of the bottom 600 feet of the upper chute of the main spillway.The final 1,000 feet of main spillway leading to the radial gates will be patched and reinforced, and will remain intact this year.The project runs from Lake Oroville in Northern California to Southern California, crossing the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta along the way.The SWP serves a population of nearly 25 million Californians from the Bay Area to San Diego as well as providing irrigation for some of the nation's most productive farmland in the Central Valley.

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