Updating interior doors

There's no better way to upgrade your rooms than with interior doors.Too often, we live with whatever we've got, unaware of the impactful change offered by simply swapping out a door. The right door can reinforce your design scheme, adding contrast or depth to your overall room plan, and contribute architectural sizzle.

If you love rustic or vintage styles, visit estate sales, or other resources to find reclaimed doors.

But the impact on the interior, with a glimpse of the outdoors framed by the door, offers as much impact as a piece of artwork hanging on the wall.

Dutch doors also have the benefit of keeping pets inside the house, having been designed originally to keep farm animals out of the kitchen.

A six-light cottage-style door closing off a porch or sitting room allows light to pass through and reinforces a casual cottage-style room.

Dutch doors are the Mini Cooper of the door universe. With the top half left open, they permit breezes and conversation to flow between outdoors and in.

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